Musician Bios

About the Band

GrooveFarm is led by Matt Farmer who has developed a reputation as a class vocalist. He has been a singer and performer for over three decades and  has spent time performing in the bluegrass regions of Kentucky, USA. A powerful singer and performer with a very distinctive sound. Matt is regularly seen on television channels such TVSN and breakfast television as a presenter. Matt’s experience in television and entertainment means GrooveFarm shows are delivered with style and professionalism.

Nigel Harris, former musical director of the very successful Buddy Holly Show, has been in demand as a session player and performer for decades. Nigel is a unique player who blows amazing trumpet solos one handed whilst playing his Keys or Piano Accordion at the same time! Freakish, brilliant and sometimes a little scary, Nigel’s uniqueness adds something very special to the GrooveFarm sound!

Bill Hutton is known for his finesse on the kit and his total body performance on percussion. Bill has earned his stripes performing here and in the USA. Whilst in Miami, playing in some of the wildest Caribbean bands, he developed his own form of wooden drum called a “Modrum”.

GrooveFarm also is blessed to have Mike Papallo on drums.He has a reputation as one of Australia’s most dynamic and requested session and show performers.

John Kirk is GrooveFarms most funkiest and scariest bass player, having earnt the reputation as one of the most versatile musicians around. John has earnt his stripes performing and extensively touring with legendary performance artists such as INXS, The Allnighters and recently playing trumpet with Leo Sayer’s touring band. Both John and Nigel performed on stage at the ARIA’s with INXS performing the iconic hit “Just Keep Walking”

On Guitar, we have Omar Abidin. A class guitar player whose extraordinary skill has seen him in great demand. He plays, Jazz, reggae and rock with equal finesse and skill. A brilliant performer, professional musician, private guitar teacher. Regularly performs with GrooveFarm and with musicians and shows such as Ginhouse Blues Band, Shaw’Nuff Big Band, Jimmy Shaw trio, Victor Rounds ,Harry Brus, Barry Leef , John Conley ( of Galapagos Duck), Ron Philpott , Gail Page, Lucious Borich, Bob Donaldson Trio, Darren Heinrich, Bhuddafied Funk and Mitch Anderson ( The Voice ).

GrooveFarm regularly uses a network of world class musicians and we are blessed to often work with the following outrageously funky human beings  – John Conley, Peter Rundle, Captain Bobby Donaldson, Chris Frazier, Yaw Glyman, Marty Hailey, Greg Dixon and the most gorgeous, Rebecca Brown.